Visakha Roofing offers Polycarbonate sheet in a wide range of thicknesses and colours as well as in flat sheets, embossed, corrugated and multiwall.

Clear Compact

These are light weights, strong flat sheets in different thicknesses. Transparency is like glass. It is very strong and available from 1.5 mm. to 20 mm. thickness.


The product is light, strong, insulating and attractive. Being used widely for roofing, cladding and other applications. It is available in twin wall, triple wall, and multiple wall. It is cost effective and beautiful lookwise.


These are plain sheets comes in a regular, prismatic embossing feature in different thicknesses ranging from 2 mm. to 20 mm.


Different corrugation to suit the requirement of client is available to match with A.C. Cement corrugation, Grecca, Sinus, Treford and any other profile. Grecca is available in translucent, transparent, opaque colours. Other sheets are available in natural transparent colours and are suitable for skylighting.