• Roofing Fasteners
  • “J”, “L”, “Pipe bolt (Galvanized & PVC Coated)
  • Butyle Tap
  • Foam Fillier (For Ends) & Silicon Sealent
  • PVC & PP Cap
  • Roffing Accessories – Ridge, Corner, Gabble, Gutter
  • Louvers
  • Sag Rod
  • Foundation Bolt
  • Brazing Rod
  • Clits
  • Base Plates


    It is very important to use right length and dia of screw. also assure pitch of the screw, coating quality and salty spray test detail.

“J”, “L”, “Pipe bolt (Galvanized & PVC Coated) :

Butyle Tap :

Butyle tapes are applied over side and lap sheets to prevent ingress of water. These are necessary for ensuring water tight sealing of roof. Roof below seven degree slopes necessarily require these tapes and are applied as shown below.

Foam Fillier (For Ends) : Silicon Sealent For Gap/Screws

PVC Cap For SDT Screw :

This is required as an added safety to prevent leakage. these are available in different colours. pvc cap for j,l, pipe bolts and pp cap for sdt screws are available for sale.

Louvers :