3 Reasons Pests enter the home


Food. Weather. Reproduction.


Pests such as rodents, insects, and bugs enter occupied dwellings for 3 main reasons, knowing these reasons can help you prevent these pests from entering your home or business.


The  first is the most obvious, food. Most rodents such as mice, raccoons, and possums, as well as smaller critters like ants and roaches, enter the home (or business) in search of food. By making some extra effort to make sure small things such as crumbs not left out counter top over night, could make a big difference.


Pests also enter occupied dwellings in search of protection from the weather. This could mean in times of high heat or low temperatures. This could also include events such as storms, when insects sense a storm approaching, many waste no time searching for a place to take shelter.. A ruptured screen is a gold mine for these searching pests.


Most rodents search for an enclosed, dark dwelling when they are ready to have their young. Under a home or patio, would be a perfect spot..